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How Much Does Canada Spend Cleaning Up Dripping Hand Rub?

Back in March we wrote a post about how alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) dispensers are costing our health system a great deal of money, and what we can do about it as a health system. Well, that research got

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Healthcare Graphics Need Help: Hand Hygiene Confusion

Here’s a short post, as we can’t get the above “Hand Sanitizing Station” out of our heads. We’ve written about exactly this in a previous post (see number three: the “Advertising Mess”), but couldn’t imagine how disjointed our hospital systems’

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Free Hand Hygiene Dispensers: The Million-Dollar Problem

Hand hygiene programs are crucial in preventing the spread of infection, but the dispensers we rely on have a myriad of hidden costs.  Often overlooked is the fact that the wall-mounted hand sanitizing dispensers take a toll on facilities and are

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Can Hand Hygiene Afford to Make Money?

If you need to know one thing about us, it’s that we are all about hand sanitizing stations.  They are a key part of a complete hand hygiene promotion campaign that combines strong visual and textual communications with a physical

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Healthcare Graphics Need Help: How Can We Speak the Same Language When There’s So Many?

One giant barrier to health communication is the fact that as you try to reach a broader and broader audience, the chances of them speaking the same language as you plummet.  We simply can’t expect everyone to communicate in the

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Healthcare Graphics Need Help: Standardization Isn’t Everything.

We just stumbled upon this slide show – it’s a summary of a project to standardize signage for infection control over a number of hospitals.  The hospital system wanted to do so in order to reduce rates of multidrug-resistant infections

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Working Together Will Take Time – Until Then, Symbols Will Recruit Help

Organizations in the United States and Canada have recently announced that their food safety regimes are “mutually formally recognized” as being “comparable” to each other, and this is huge news. It says that such co-operation – the opposite of silo-thinking

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Computers, Infection Control, and Usability: How Human Factors Can Help If We Work Together.

The field of computing has come a very long way. From basic, obscure academic theory in the 1940s to industry in the 1970s, and homes in the 1990s, they are used everywhere today – you probably have one in your

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Healthcare Graphics Need Help: Design Matters

There are many things in this world that seem simple and understandable to the layperson, only to reveal their complexity and depth when studied on a more professional level. You know a cold when you have one, and to most

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We Were Right. Healthcare Graphics Do Need Help!

Yesterday was the fifth of May, which is the World Health Organization’s yearly celebration and promotion of hand hygiene and its role in saving lives. What a day it was!  There were a great many photos of healthcare workers and

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