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History Repeats Itself.

You might remember that back in 2003, there was an outbreak of a new, deadly type of Coronavirus.  We called it SARS, and it threatened to become a major new disease.  Some cities (like Toronto, where we live) were hit

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COVID-19: Opening up and keeping safe at the same time. Is it even possible?

As we write this, the COVID-19 response in Canada is in its fifth month, and uncertainty is still foremost among many people, who above all want an answer to the question of when all this disruption will be over.

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Hand Sanitizing Stations VS. Hand Sanitizer Stands – What does the WHO think?

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Since we last posted, lots of things have happened, not the least of which is that the world’s infection prevention and control communications have been getting seriously tested in an all-encompassing, massive way.  Global

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