Healthcare Graphics Need Help: Staff Quality & Safety Results Boards

Hospital Quality and Safety Results Board by Tagg Design Inc. for Humber River Hospital

When it comes to healthcare, we do more than just hand sanitizing stations and infection prevention signage. We designed and produced several of these custom sign boards for Humber River Hospital in 2018, and they were very well received.

The staff there were very familiar with what information they wanted and needed to show, but the boards they had set up were inconsistent, messy and difficult to use.

The design we came up with removed anything unessential and cleaned things up significantly. They all shared the same colour scheme and logo representation. Practically, were designed to fit above standard hospital handrails while offering easy access to every changeable message area, and they installed easily to the wall in one piece.

These boards save time, reduce clutter and make it easier to read and absorb the information they contain. That’s why we believe that healthcare graphics need help: with over 33 years experience in the sign trade, we see opportunities for improvement like this everywhere!

If you have a project that can benefit from being decluttered, accessible and cleanly designed, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!

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