They don’t make things like they used to, but probably should.

What does “sustainable” really mean?  Simply put, it means that what is being done can be kept up.

In the past few decades, consumer products have been anything but.  Take modern smartphones.  Their batteries will last 6 years at best, and even if a replacement were available they are glued into the phone.  If one breaks, it’s garbage.  That’s not even taking the software factor into account – the software updates stop long before the battery goes.

We don’t think that this is a viable long-term plan.

Hand rub dispensers are like cellphones.  They take proprietary liquid refills that won’t be manufactured forever and are unrepairable if the case breaks or the pump mechanism stops working.  This leads to frequent replacements, which takes a toll on the walls these are installed on.

Our Tagg Clean-Hands® Sanitizing Stations are built with this in mind.  They are tough enough to handle dispensers being replaced every few years.  They work with any dispensers on the market now and into the future.  They are fully repairable if anything were to happen to them to cause damage.

Hand hygiene promotion is a long-term thing, so it only stands to reason that to make it sustainable we need to make it like they used to – built to last!

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