Hospital and community acquired
infections are becoming the norm.

  • There's infections out there, but antibiotics are losing effectiveness which means that once benign diseases are now life threatening.
  • World economies are suffering, but low cost and practical solutions are passed over in favor of costly high tech solutions.
  • Hand hygiene is a low cost and proven solution, but having people perform it consistently is still difficult.

Want to do something about it?

Our solutions solve these problems through basic human factors design principals. Because our family of sanitizing stations is meant to go throughout an entire facility, and because the reality is that staff and budgets are often only responsible for their own department, getting people in these various departments to work together is rare. Isn't it funny how bureaucracy gets lifted when donations are involved?

Please consider contributing to this project and helping your hospital's staff, patients and community stay healthy and safe.

Corporate Mission:
Tagg Design Inc. is driven towards preventing the spread of infection through the art of communication. Leveraging our 25 years of sign expertise we have produced a complete line of products that raises awareness amongst the public and continues to grow to this day.