I, like many other businesses and individuals have spent the past few years watching global and local economies suffer. I have personally experienced a similar suffering; my clients express the wish of having the funds to bring in the Tagg Clean-Hands stations and are not able to.

Everywhere I turn to in the media today are the consequences of poor infection control practices. Superbugs are threatening to render antibiotics obsolete and easily preventable hospital aquired infections are resulting in death.

So, I felt I needed to step up to the plate and do something about it.

Rosemary Swanek
President, Tagg Design Inc.

About The Tagg Design Inc. Charitable Partnership Program:
The Tagg Design Inc. Charitable Partnership Program was initially intended to help outfit Canadian hospitals with the most complete hand sanitizing stations on the market through the assistance of donor funding. With cutbacks across the board, healthcare facilities aren't the only ones who can benefit. Public buildings like recreation centres, libraries and schools are ideal candidates for this program.
This program is unique as we are not a Charitable Organization, but we advocate for vital infection prevention and control tools for public health through the respective foundations.