Notice: due to the current COVID-19 outbreak, we will be producing Tagg Clean-Hands® Sanitizing Stations in
grey powder-coated steel due to quicker production time, improved availability of materials and lower cost to the customer.
If surgical-grade stainless steel is required, please contact us directly.

The world of infection prevention and control is complex and a global concern.

The Tagg Clean-Hands® approach gets the public involved.

We like to keep things simple, make it easy for people to connect to. So everything we do works together to strengthen each other every step of the way.

Our symbols play a huge role in reaching beyond barriers of literacy and language. They have the power to protect the masses because as they say, forewarned is forearmed.

Rosemary Swanek, Founder and CEO

Hand Sanitizing Stations

Our surgical-grade stainless steel stations get everybody on board with hand hygiene.

Infection Control Symbol Package

Download, share, and speak the same language.

Infection Prevention and Control Signage

It’s not about having a sign. It’s about having the RIGHT sign.