ATTENTION: The World Health Organization has released guidelines
outlining standards for using hand sanitizing stations to prevent the spread
of COVID-19. Read the report here: LINK

Tagg Clean-HandsĀ® Sanitizing Stations have always been designed around the
same principles. When choosing a hand sanitizing station, please keep this report
in mind. The health of your community is at stake.

Infection Control Symbol Package

Speak the Same Language

NEW May 2020 - Version 1.2

(Download is free under a Creative Commons license. For best results, unzip the whole archive to a convenient place on your local hard drive.)

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Infection Control Symbol Package

Public health today is facing numerous challenges. With the rise of antibiotic resistance, superbugs have become a grave concern. Modern accessibility to travel has quickened the spread of disease within and across national borders. To top it off, due to global economic pressures, public health has seen cuts to its spending.

How do we defend ourselves? Using symbols to protect pubic health and safety is both very common and effective. Traffic signs prevent road deaths and hazard warning symbols on household products emphasize cautions needed when handling. The same can work for infection control. There are proven interventions that prevent infection and save lives and connecting them to symbols ensures they are followed.

After years of development we realized that our infection control symbols had the potential to be this common language for public health. So, we compiled it in this package and are releasing it under Creative Commons in order to increase awareness, reduce barriers to implementation and ultimately be available where needed to save lives. The world needs to speak the same language when it comes to infection control.

This package contains the complete set of symbols in several different computer file formats and is made to be shared via the internet.

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