ATTENTION: The World Health Organization has released guidelines
outlining standards for using hand sanitizing stations to prevent the spread
of COVID-19. Read the report here: LINK

Tagg Clean-HandsĀ® Sanitizing Stations have always been designed around the
same principles. When choosing a hand sanitizing station, please keep this report
in mind. The health of your community is at stake.

About Us

Tagg Clean-Hands® Products
Tagg Design Inc.

Rosemary Swanek, president of Tagg Design Inc. has been an innovator since 1988. Her area of expertise has been in the signs and graphics business where she became proficient in message communication, construction, placement and safety.

In 2004, a client in the healthcare sector came with a critical health and safety issue: preventing and controlling the spread of infectious disease. Listening to her client's needs, Rosemary understood that what was required is to fundamentally change people's hand sanitizing behavior. Drawing on her signage and graphic expertise, Rosemary created what would become the Tagg Clean-Hands® Sanitizing Station - an integrated hand hygiene solution that draws awareness, educates and also dispenses infection control supplies.

With the success of the original hand sanitizing stations, Rosemary focused the company's attention specifically to infectious disease control and continued to improve the effectiveness of the Tagg Clean-Hands® solution. The result: in 2009, Tagg Design expanded each of their product lines to include:

  • mobile and stationary isolation units
  • mobile and stationary compact sanitizing stations
  • one-shelf and flat wall sanitizing stations
  • infection control signage and communication solutions

These products successfully tackle the specific needs of essential services, including healthcare, education, municipal services, and public health and safety in general.

The Tagg Clean-Hands® line of products has been proven to be a solution that works to increase hand hygiene. Healthcare institutions from coast to coast rely on Tagg Clean-Hands®.

"These sanitizing stations have made a huge difference in our hospital. They have greatly changed hand sanitizing behaviour in a positive way. They can be seen across a crowded room. They are built to last, designed to be cleaned daily and are safe as we've had zero incident in over four years. From a facilities and maintenance point of view, there is great benefit in using these stations."

Marcel Moniz
Director, Facilities Operations
Southlake Regional Health Centre
Newmarket, Ontario