Tagg Clean-Hands® Infection Prevention and Control Signage

With over 30 years in the signage, communications and graphics industry, we bridge the gap between a clear message, it being understood, and it being used and acted upon. Please check out our sign gallery at www.taggdesign.com.

Our symbols have been developed over the years, both organically and in concert with infection control practitioners across Canada and are now part of our Infection Control Symbol Package and Communications Templates. They are also shared through two USAID-affiliated sites, Ebola Communication Network and Health COMpass.

We are the industry leader when it comes to using symbols for infection control communications.

The Patient Guard® System

Maintaining quarantine in a patient room is a difficult task in a crowded, busy hospital. Patient Guard® is a very unique signage system whose messaging is nearly impossible to miss, keeping the infections where they should be. It's also inexpensive and easy to set up. Outbreak signs, isolation signs, "Healthy Visitors Only" signs and more are available.

Read more about it on its own page here.

Custom Infection Control Signs

Our background in the signage industry means we can design and produce any type of sign, decal, banner or whatever you want including using our symbols. Please get in touch!

Tagg Clean-Hands® Infection Control Symbols

These symbols are a key part in making all of our products work together for the betterment of infection control communications, and can be found in just about everything we do - Sanitizing Stations, templates, the Infection Control Symbol Package and even on social media!

stop and clean your handsStop: Clean Your Hands Symbol
isolation symbolIsolation Symbol
outbreak symbolOutbreak Symbol
gloves symbolGloves Symbol
masks symbolMasks Symbol
gowns symbolGowns Symbol
face shield symbolFace Shields Symbol
healthy visitors only symbolHealthy Visitors Only Symbol
sneeze in sleeve symbolSneeze in Sleeve Symbol
vaccinations symbolVaccinations Symbol

All these and more can be found in our free Infection Control Symbol Package.