ATTENTION: The World Health Organization has released guidelines
outlining standards for using hand sanitizing stations to prevent the spread
of COVID-19. Read the report here: LINK

Tagg Clean-Hands® Sanitizing Stations have always been designed around the
same principles. When choosing a hand sanitizing station, please keep this report
in mind. The health of your community is at stake.

Tagg Clean-Hands® Infection Prevention and Control Signage

With over 30 years in the signage, communications and graphics industry, we bridge the gap between a clear message, it being understood, and it being used and acted upon. Please check out our sign gallery at

Our symbols have been developed over the years, both organically and in concert with infection control practitioners across Canada and are now part of our Infection Control Symbol Package and Communications Templates. They are also shared through two USAID-affiliated sites, Ebola Communication Network and Health COMpass.

We are the industry leader when it comes to using symbols for infection control communications.

Tagg Clean-Hands® Anywhere 3D Domed Labels

3d labels header

Simply put, Tagg Clean-Hands® Anywhere 3D Domed Labels are a highly attractive and attention-getting way to quickly create a real presence for infection prevention and control, anywhere.

Perfect for any industry:

  • Healthcare
  • Transit
  • Schools
  • Airports
  • Food Services
  • Banks
  • Entertainment Venues
  • Veterinary
  • Convention Centers
  • Churches
  • Public Buildings
  • Libraries
  • Homes
  • Retail
  • Distribution

Finished with a durable 3D polyurethane dome, made for interior or exterior use. Resistant to abrasion, water, solvent & UV. Will adhere well to most surfaces, such as mirrors above sinks, walls, infection control supply dispensers and so on.

2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch sizes. Sold in packs of 25 (one size, one design), bulk quantities available. If there is another symbol from our Infection Control Symbol Package you’d like to order, get in touch!

Stop: Clean Your Hands Symbol
Stop: Clean Your Hands Symbol (No Text)
Masks Symbol
Sneeze in Sleeve Symbol
Healthy Visitors Only Symbol
Vaccinations Symbol
Gloves Symbol
Isolation Symbol
Outbreak Symbol
Do Not Touch Your Face Symbol
Maintain Distance Symbol
Arrêtez - Lavez-vous les Mains Symbol
Visiteurs en Santé Seulement Symbol
Respectez la Distance Symbol

Tagg Clean-Hands® Anywhere 3D Domed Labels can be used together in concert to form entire sentences. Cross language barriers and convey whole messages at the same time!

Injection/Phlebotomy Clinic:

Self-Screening Area:

COVID-19 Precaution Signs

Sized to fit stanchions (below).

covid attention signage

21.75” W x 28” H
1-sided digital print to
corrugated plastic

covid one at a time signage

13.875” W x 11” H
2-sided digital print
to styrene

covid attention small sign

13.875” W x 11” H
2-sided digital print
to styrene


Top-loading 2-sided floor stands, ideal for high-traffic indoor environments. Contact us for exterior applications.

covid stanchion signage cfs-2228

Elegant chrome plated finish.
Display area: 21.75” W x 28” H
Height: 65”

covid stanchion signage cst-022-b

Black metal finish.
Display area: 21.75” W x 28” H
Height: 60”

covid stanchion signage cst-1114

Chrome finish with round base &
adjustable height.
Display area: 13.875”W x 11”H
Height: 24” to 48” telescoping

Floor Markers

Promote physical distancing with durable floor markers.
Interior or exterior materials available.

covid floor marker sign

13”, 16”, 18” Width

PPE Signs

Promotes donning and doffing of PPE according to Public Health Ontario standards. Can easily install with 2-sided tape.

covid ppe sign

11.16” W x 14.5” H
Print to 3-mil Sintra

covid remove ppe sign

11.16” W x 14.5” H
Print to 3-mil Sintra

Contact us directly for any custom signage needs.

The Patient Guard® System

Maintaining quarantine in a patient room is a difficult task in a crowded, busy hospital. Patient Guard® is an isolation and outbreak signage system whose messaging is nearly impossible to miss, keeping the infections where they should be. It's also inexpensive and easy to set up. Outbreak signs, isolation signs, "Healthy Visitors Only" signs and more are available.

Read more about it on its own page here.