ATTENTION: The World Health Organization has released guidelines
outlining standards for using hand sanitizing stations to prevent the spread
of COVID-19. Read the report here: LINK

Tagg Clean-Hands® Sanitizing Stations have always been designed around the
same principles. When choosing a hand sanitizing station, please keep this report
in mind. The health of your community is at stake.

Donate a Station with the Charitable
Partnership Program

Invest in Hand Hygiene - give the best!

About The Program

The Tagg Design Inc. Charitable Partnership Program was founded to help outfit Canadian hospitals with the most complete hand sanitizing stations on the market through the assistance of donor funding. With budgets always a concern, healthcare facilities aren't the only ones who can benefit. Public buildings like recreation centres, libraries and schools are also ideal candidates for this program.

This program is unique as we are not a Charitable Organization, but we advocate for vital infection prevention and control tools for public health. For example, we released our Infection Control Symbol Package in 2013 to share our library of symbols to the world. Since then it has been freely downloaded in nearly 100 countries. We believe that infection prevention and control needs a giving community.

Hand Hygiene:  The Next Big Cause

Healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) cost Canada dearly, as more than 200,000 patients are infected every year while recieving health care.

In a 2018 audit from the Public Health Agency of Canada & Health Canada, HAIs are the fourth leading cause of death to Canadians, leading to between 8,500 and 12,000 deaths per year. Even among the survivors, treatment can be long and painful due to the proliferation of antibiotic resistant genes.

As reports show that workers, patients and visitors are responsible for spreading 80% of common infections, a Hand Hygiene system that targets all foot traffic is the most effective way of stopping the flow of infection before it gets a foothold.

So that makes sense. So why isn’t everyone doing this already?

Firstly, ours is the first and only complete system. Secondly, healthcare is a complex system, and getting the stars to align - funding, knowlege, disruption, practice etc. is a diffiult and rare thing, even in the presence of indisputable fact, so care often remains stuck in the past.

They need help in fully implementing a prevention strategy that is effective at truly reducing rates of HAIs, and donating our stations get the growth process kick-started.

Hand Hygiene is the next big cause.

What Do You Get?

Every Tagg Clean-Hands® Sanitizing Station donated will include a customized recognition plaque made from laser etched surgical-grade stainless steel.

  • Surgical-grade stainless steel donor plaques on opposite sides of column
  • Long lasting surgical-grade stainless steel construction

  • Surgical-grade stainless steel donor plaque